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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Hotspot Trial and Free Forever

Do you have a laptop with wireless hotspot facility. Now a lot ni ya .. hotspot in our area. but unfortunately .. restricted to the trial. there is a set of 30 or 15 minutes .. so kalo dah hotspot use during that time must pay ...
Uh ... he ... This trick is not a secret anymore is hell but we should try ...
Sorry if previously there Hotspot businessman who is less comfortable with my writing this.
Let us start with Method nanoproxy how to surf for free use hotspots without having to pay for internet access.

We know that many employers cafe or hotspot to use proxy servers to manage its network. and many do not want a headache to set security on the proxy settings, especially for his Trial Hotspot usually only block the mac address it.
The point is that the actual proxy server logs only record the mac address of the client for limited use in waktuyang determined, say 30 minutes, and reset every 12 hours so night. This means we can only access the Internet free for 30 minutes then only can use it again when already past 12 o'clock the night and so on .. gitulah anyway ...

Now replace the MAC address is not a real hotspot for collapse. . . but we can be free internet to replace the MAC address. . . suppose there is a free hotspot. with change - change this MAC address every 3 hours. . we can free internet 24 hours non-stop!
Then how do I change the Mac Address on our laptops?
Are not we dah Mac Address is set by default our factory on the Network card?
Well .. now been widely circulated on the Internet Software to change the Mac address us, search on google a lot really ... 

On linux .. Its very simple to change Mac IP :
For example : You wanna change your mac IP to : 1A:4b:d5:f6:6b:4b
root@nano:/home/nano/:#ifconfig wlan0 down
root@mac-laptop:/home/mac# ifconfig wlan0 hw ether 1A:4b:d5:f6:6b:4b 
root@mac-laptop:/home/mac# ifconfig wlan0 up
Then click wifi icon on panel then reconnect, success
 But if lazy to search or trigger Trial Hotspot you out, let me help. You can simply download through this link. Click Nano - Ganti Mac Address.exe


Imam said...

Itulah salah satu kelemahan, pernh make juga mas..
Gimamana yah Proteksinya, mesti mikir lagi?

Dian Sulistyo said...

gimana caranya ya?
klo mac diganti trus yang jadi acuan'a apa donk...???

-melu mikir-

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