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Friday, 15 April 2011

Secret Folder Lock

Perhaps many people are looking for ways how to data or files that are in our secret folder could not be opened or removed by other people who open our computer or flash. indeed many applications still to lock even with the accompanied Password Folder. But actually there is a simple way for us to lock the folder in which we ourselves can only open it at all even others can not open or delete the folder you .........
Immediately wrote us begin ..........
For those of you who are familiar with DOS this may not be a secret, but perhaps we can count on fingers how people around us who know the commands in DOS.
Next How to Lock Folder Nanoproxy Secret Method
OK. For those of you who have difficulty or are lazy for typing the script can simply copy and paste free aja kok ......

open Notepad and input the code-code follows:
@ Echo off
if the data exists (rahasia_dikunci) else goto goto unlock key

: Key
exist if the data (normal) else goto create goto lock

: Create
md data (normal)
takeown / f data (normal)
msg * use data (normal) to save the file and use it again to protect
goto end

: Lock
ren data (normal) data (rahasia_dikunci)
echo ************************************************* ***********
nanoproxy@yahoo.com * echo *
echo *--------------------*
http://nanoproxy.blogspot.com/ * echo *
echo * @ copyright 2010 *
echo * *
echo ************************************************* ***********
brake input y
cacls data (rahasia_dikunci) / d% username%
goto end

: Unlock
echo ************************************************* ***********
nanoproxy@yahoo.com * echo *
echo *--------------------*
http://nanoproxy.blogspot.com/ * echo *
copypasteright @ echo * 2010 *
echo * *
echo ************************************************* ***********
echo Type y to lock *
cacls data (rahasia_dikunci) / g% username%: f
ren data (rahasia_dikunci) data (normal)
goto end
: End
msg * mature thanks've used this simple script!


Well after that save the name for example: "folder.bat lock" type save remember replace with "all"
Save the file in the folders secret and difficult to reach people.

How to use is:
- Put / copy the files in the place where we will store our confidential file or folder.
- Run the file: "folder.bat key" with a double click ..
- So there will appear a folder called "data (normal)"
- Then enter all the data / folder we confidently into the folder.
- After that double click the file back "key folder.bat" before, If there's a question fill in "Y".
- You can see at a glance the folder "data (normal)" was renamed "data (rahasia_dikunci)."
- Now test to open the folder.
- If not it could mean you are successful. Test again with the rename, or delete.
- It can not be right ...???

To open the locked folder before, you simply double click the file "key folder.bat" last longer. Messages questions answered: "Y".
See your folder back into "data (normal)" again.

Tip: Delete the file "folder.bat key" after you lock it, do not put in a folder that is easy to see savings safe place, if you want to use it again, copy back and paste your secret on a folder. 

This trick only running for FAT32 partition type!!

Please try.
Hopefully useful.

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