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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Quick Editing Ms.Word

Typing is work that requires patience enough any more if you have to check the spelling has not already right what we typed it.
Well ... This trick is to start your job becomes easier and more enjoyable,
Usually we are when typing text so if the spelling Home (U.S.), activated then what we type there are red lines. That suggests that the word or words that we type is not in the English dictionary.
This time I'll share from my typing experience that's almost 4 years, I use the check spelling (spelling) in Indonesian language so when we typing words ms then the system will detect the presence of typing errors on the word that we type.

Furthermore, how to speed up the editing on Ms.Words with Nanoproxy Method
The steps to be able to use it you just have to make some changes to the program ms. Your words. then download the file nano.dic

Our example typing the word Purworejo one push so Puworejo (we lack the letter r)
then with a program that I will share it you can easily fix it just by right click and select the suggestion (of suggested words) according to Indonesian dictionary.
And most exciting is Ms. Word will detect typing errors by marking such as a red line under the text is wrong.
So if we made a typo Puworejo word like the example above we'd stay right click and select the appropriate word dictionary Purworejo.
This program is my own apartment and my update was almost 4 years so do not worry. because almost all words in Indonesian dictionary I have entered in the system.
The first step of copying files nano.dic
Then open ms. words. select tools -> options -> spelling and language -> add ->
paste the file and then open nano.dic in dialogue. ok.
Then go to the tools change the language setting into Bahasa (Indonesia) -> default is complete.
Restart ms. your word and you will enter the world of typing is fun because you do not need to edit sesusah what you are doing so far. Ms. Word will detect that you do typos and mark it with a red underline. Right click and select the desired word according to the dictionary.

Tips. :
To be able to walk in Ms Words, 2007,
Click the Office Button -> Word Options -> Proofing -> Select dictionary language: Bahasa (Indonesian) -> OK.

nano.dic then open the file with notepad, select all -> copy.
Open the C: \ Documents and Settings \ nano \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ UProof
Costum.dic Open with notepad -> select all -> paste.
Remember to change the default language in Bahasa (Indonesia) is located on the bottom bar Ms. Words 2007
Please download this powerful file

Download nano.dic
Good luck

Hopefully helpful

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