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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Browsing 50 x faster

For the users of the Internet using GPRS connection there are times when we are in madly when browsing with a slow connection and often disconnected, especially for those of you who live in remote areas and get a bad signal.

Actually, many solutions that we can do to overcome it.

By installing this program even if you are on a bad signal area though you can enjoy the Internet service with a convenient,

I have tried this trick and I use it and actually proven.

Loading facebook only takes 10 seconds.

Furthermore, how to browse the Internet 50x faster with Nanoproxy Method

I really can feel how pissed loading a long wait, despite being installed firefox with a plus-macem macem add on though, or you download the Google tool for data compression, ah ... Still sucks lemoot and lemoot ..... The difficulty we see the face of Google, how much less willing to open a picture or even play facebook.

Increase browsing speed became 50x faster than your usualy get ...

Well let's try a review how this program can run.

Nanoproxy method provides a solution for those of you who want to speed up your Internet connection,

I have proved it in a remote area, I can keep blogging, browsing, facebook and so on, and I only take 10 seconds to get on facebook, or 50 seconds to access the google image.

Because the explanation is too long and manual installation, so I made ​​this trick in the form of continuation. pdf please understand. You can download the continuation of this article

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Anonymous said...

saya liat liat nama software nya, semua jadi ada nano nya... emank situ yang bikin?

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