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Friday, 20 May 2011

Blog indexed in Google Quickly

Many of us might ask, how to blog can be quickly indexed in Google, many are spending time with studying SEO Blog with lots of tutorials on google searching. It is true that Google could be said Domestic Pigeon-benign or tricky for us to index your blog or website in Google Search Engine
From my experience a lot of blog was actually pretty easy for our blog-friendly enough or in the language of his SEO Google is often very fond of visiting and introducing our blog.
Many diagnostic Actually there are important things we need to know how Google's search algorithm we want to index the blog and its logic is actually quite easy to make known our blog quick Google.
Maybe first I want to ask a simple question with a statement like this:
- A candidate campaigning House A go alone to some place to introduce himself to the public.
- A House of Representatives Candidate B collects some community leaders and told them to invite the community to want to know their layers of the House of Representatives Candidate B.
From these two statements earlier about where the House of Representatives that would more quickly known to the public??
This is a simple concept nanoproxy method in making known our blog quick Google.
I guarantee if you actually follow this method, your blog must be indexed in Google Search Engine on the fly even within 1-2 days.
Further, I will share tips on how to blog indexed in Google quickly with Nanoproxy Method.

What should we do first when a blog is Looking for writing or posting material that later we will introduce to the community.
These are some important points of a blog in the eyes of Google Search Engine:
- Search Engine better appreciate the writing / posting the results of our own ideas instead of writing that we created from the copy / paste from your blog or other website.
- Search Engine will visit our blog when the Google search engine knows us, if you use your blogspot do not bother to introduce your blog on Google's search engine because it was introduced by the auto blog at Google's Blogspot.
- Search Engine will stop by our blog when a link or address of our blog is at the other Blogs that are well known and frequently visited by Google.
- Search Engine will assume that a link or a blog address that is on a website / blog that he was an important visit that is the address that must be for Google to stop by the link.

We're back on Nanoproxy method for analyzing our blog indexed quickly in Google search engine.
From the questions I had above, the House B certainly faster than the House A well-known, since the House B does not work itself that is told other people (leaders) that are well known and recognized by the community to introduce themselves. So in a short time the name of the House B would become a byword of society, and many people are busy talking about himself.

Once we know the things that we can follow up with a method Nanoproxy as follows:
- Create a post on your blog about something that interests the public.
- Create a keyword or keywords from one or more of the post. Suppose that we post on How to Learn Math contains rapidly. Summarize and conclude that the word related to our posting it as a Keyword (keywords) to our blog which is "Learning Mathematics with the fast"
- Ensure that our blog is really worth to be seen or visited by other people.
- Prepare a Notepad and then copy a few lines from the post on our blogs are in accordance with our keyword earlier. and also prepare our blog address on the notepad and save it as text with the name "comment.txt" or whatever it's up to you.
- Type the keyword you say and try to search on Google, look and analysis of 10 web / blog is indexed with keywords earlier.

- Open web-web or blogs were one by one, give comments on popular blogs were a way copy and paste from notepad us before, you can customize by adding the words additional comments relating to the topic of the blog that tersebut.dan The most important thing is to include a link or address of your blog in the comment.
- The key to success: Diligent do search on google with keywords relating to our blog, and diligent to write comments on popular blogs earlier results of our search, you can do on the top pages 10-30. The more links you spread on your blog or web-known, the sooner your blog famous.
- As a payoff you can also add links on your blog famous blog that leads to your comment posting page, so that when people visit your blog and are interested in the link can visit famous blog which will automatically we get the advantage of Google Search Engine also will stop by our blog.

Similarly Nanoproxy method to analyze and share experiences,
So it can be concluded that:
House B utilize Famous for campaigning.
Once converted into Nanoproxy Method:
We utilize well-known for campaigning Blog introduces us to the Google Blog Search Engine

Similarly, these simple tips, hopefully useful.
Good luck.

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