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Friday, 20 May 2011

GPRS Tricks kartu3 run out of quota

For those of you Kartu3 GPRS users, do not worry about the speed down when your quota runs out.
Understandably in a suburb just get GPRS doang ... Its HSPDA not want to live in the village ....
Here I will share experiences GPRS Kartu3 secret.
This trick I discovered by accident during my third internet quota runs out,
Next How to Accelerate Access to GPRS Kartu3 Out Quotas with Nanoproxy. When method I have to download updates in Ubuntu was my GPRS quota has been exhausted so that you can imagine how lemotnya ........ sucks ..
Around 11 o'clock at night when I close the counter hp all so very confused, the solution I use a clear cell ****** cards cost very expensive GPRSnya .. what can make.
Very poor credit so I also live directly kesedot 3000 abis dech ... when download is not complete. Finally again I use my slow third card.
Well ... This trick story began when I started to stick the card 3 I return. I used to edit settings such as mobile broadband card that I use with cell ****** earlier;
username: 3data,
pass: 3data.
And APN without realizing I did not edit it so it still belongs ****** APN last cell of the APN: internet,
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
I use ordinary DNS have Google ..
Finish setting Clik connects directly.
I was surprised when I do application updates from the Ubuntu Software Center can really speed 11.3 kbps. 10 minutes ago when the speed is only 1:34 kps. I think probably the traffic again deserted.
Then I try to open Mozilla Firefox. and browsing. I get my normal speed like before the quota runs out.
Finally the update is complete the application quickly and smoothly.
But I am still wondering what exactly happened.
Then I try to click the network icon and I find it turns out I got a default route IP So confused why the speed he runs out of quotas has not gone down. Investigate more confused again so it turns out I forgot to edit the name of the APN have ****** cell that is: the Internet, which should condition: 3data.

Not satisfied with that I try to keep using the APN every day and I wait for is the speed that he inherited, was not forthcoming. As a result I managed to surf unlimited in USD. 30,000 per month (Vat blm) with GPRS Kartu3 without problems with quotas and speed.

Tricks replacement APN from "3data" to "Internet" for unlimited access at full speed, I have taught at some of my friends in the same area location and it worked.
If you are curious please try, but I do not guarantee this trick successfully applied in all areas. Good luck.


gembel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gembel said...

izin ber bagi dg yg lain,,
blog u w share jg deh.. :)

Nanoproxy said...

OK Boss

m1n1conserto said...

mayan gan

GigiSehatBadanSehat said...

tapi kalo pake cara gini bukannya lama2 akan ketauan ya mas ama pihak tri??

kalo saya di xp masang cfosspeed, kecepatan setelah kuota abis tetep cepet..malah bisa donlot ampe 30kbps lebih...

tapi kalo di ubuntu gak nemu sopwer yang serupa, semept ada yang anjurin pake wondershaper...tapi setelah cari infonya, katanya itu malah buat batasin bandwith internet kita...

Nanoproxy said...

Ya benar, yang anda katakan bahwa sebenarnya pihak 3 juga sudah mengetahuinya hanya bagi 3 barangkali perlu melakukan upgrade programnya dan tentu ini memerlukan waktu dan biaya, kita hanya memanfaaatkan sedikit kelemahan provider. Kita gunakan saja secara bijaksana, Kita khan udah beli paket..... bukan mencuri khan????

Anonymous said...

sekarang udah ga bisa ya mas?kok sy coba malah kepotong pulsa nya, hiks :(
padahal kan lumayan itu 20rb buat nelp ma sms bs utk sebulan..

Nanoproxy said...

masih bisa, seperti yg sy bilang. paket data tetap harus beli. Trik ini cuma untuk manipulasi kuota. Ini aku pakai hampir sebulan kuota masih 499mb berarti cuma kupake 1mb aja. ya nanti harus perpanjang paket lagi

Anonymous said...

wah ndak bisa..., kalo buat tahu sisa kuota gimana tuh,.. sy cuma 5 hari,, yg 600 mb abis..

Nanoproxy said...

sisa kuota bisa di cek dengan sms ketik : info spasi data kirim ke 234

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